Birthday Girl!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lots of birthday themed shoots lately, this little cutie just turned one. Isn’t she adorable? I love the many expressions of babes turning into toddlers, they are so hillarious, they want to be so independent but want mom at the same time. I have got to dedicate a shoot to my little 15 month old, you know the saying, “the cobblers children go without shoes”, I’m sure I take more pictures than the average mom but I have got to get good ones of my guy, a shoot dedicated to capturing them at their ages instead of a quick pic here and there. These pictures are priceless, they get big so fast!!! Can you tell it’s the end of a school year and I’m all emotional in my entries, my oldest had her preschool grad yesterday she starts kindergarten in the fall I can’t believe it!!! I know she is still little but you have to admit it is a big milestone. Ok back to the pictures at hand – Emily is adorable!!!

2 responses to “Birthday Girl!”

  1. Anne says:

    What a beautiful little babe! Ok, so I am a bit biased since this is my babe! Great job, Jana!!! Thanks so much!!!

  2. Diana Barlow Blaser says:

    Oh, to have a beautiful blue-eyed baby girl! I’ll keep dreaming! What a sweet angel pie little girl.

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