Thank you for your patience.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thank you in advance for your patience if you have had a photo shoot in the last couple of weeks. I usually try to get the photos edited and returned within a couple of weeks but will be a bit delayed now.

I have had the honor of photographing 2 babies for an organization that I have just begun to volunteer for called, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. My friend saw a clip about the organization on the Today show and sent it to me. (If you are interested, here is the website)

I was inspired and decided to volunteer, fortunately, I hadn’t had any calls from the hospital, then Wednesday evening I received my first call. It was a very intense experience to photograph a baby that had just passed away, but there was a strange sense of peace and tranquility. It was an honor to be a small piece of the healing process for that family. I was then contacted the next day to photograph another baby that passed away that morning. Photographing two babies within 24 hours was emotionally draining, but again I was thankful to provide a service that will hopefully help the family heal.

I could not imagine losing a baby and am so thankful for my three children and the belief I have in eternal families. I have no doubt that those precious babies will be reunited with their families in the hereafter.

Again, thank you for your patience as I am making editing these shoots my priority.

3 responses to “Thank you for your patience.”

  1. Kim Seidel says:

    Jana your work and talent is a gift for all the families that you photograph, but immeasurable for these parents. This will be their memory to hold on to their whole lives.

  2. Ronnie Ruiz says:

    kudos for going this.
    it’s tough work.

  3. Marci says:

    Totally bawling! I wish, I wish, I wish I would have known about that when I lost Baby Braxton! I heard about people doing that after. It is such a great thing! At the time you don’t want any rememberance of such a terrible thing, however it is great to look back and see pictures of my sweet, innocent little boy! I love and miss him! I too am so grateful for eternal families! Love ya–

    PS…I’m calling you tomorrow!

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