Best Friends

Sunday, November 9, 2008

i do love fall but wanted to put a little something different on today, i realized that i hadn’t posted one of my favorite shoots from the end of the summer. of course i am biased, but the subject makes my heart leap. we decided to do a shoot with my daughter taylor and her best friend sydney. they are always together, taylor had a great conversation with my mom,
“nana, sydney is my best friend”
“she’s just so easy to be with”
isn’t that true? it is so easy and comfortable to be with our dearest friends. we don’t have to worry if we have a bad day or aren’t in our best form we know they will love us and be there for us. i am so grateful for my best friends.

i love the look of pure joy on their faces, we should be better and have photo shoots with our friends, how special to cherish those relationships. watch out friends of mine, i’m on a new mission, to have pictures with my great girlfriends, so buck up, put some mascara on and be ready.

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  1. Diana Barlow Blaser says:

    I just am screaming at how cute those two girls are together. Taylor is growing up and it makes me so sad. Great pics. I’ve got my mascara on.

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