Happy Halloween

Sunday, November 2, 2008

i know all of you have been dying to see pictures of my little goblins on halloween, at least my family has, so here you go. they were the cutest ever, i think this was the most fun halloween we have had in quite awhile. taylor was tinkerbell, hailey was little bo peep and ty the sheep. they loved trick-or-treating. ty was hillarious, he would crawl up the front steps with his little sheep tail wiggling behind him and push his way up to the front and say “twick o tweet”. we had a wonderful evening with friends, and the weather was gorgeous, huge, considering all of our past halloweens in montana involved snow or ice. i love this season with my family!

look at ty crawling up the steps to get his precious treat, is this the most adorable thing you have ever seen or what?

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  1. Diana Barlow Blaser says:

    Love the pics. What a hilarious story about Ty climbing steps to get his candy. He is too presh.

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