ahhhhhh heat

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i will never again underestimate the joy that heat brings. our upstairs furnace started making weird growling sounds sunday afternoon, we turned it off and decided to sleep downstairs with the kids then woke up monday morning to our carbon monoxide alarm going crazy and reporting that we had deadly levels in our home and immediate evacuation was highly recommended. did i mention that this happened yesterday on the record breaking cold montana day, it was
-25 degrees. everything worked out, we had the trusty furnace man repair the sad machinery and were able to get into our home late that evening after a yummy dinner out. it was freezing when we got back after being aired out with all the windows and doors open for a few hours in that bone chilling cold. as you can see we love our fireplace, this pic was our warm footsies last night enjoying the warmth that only a real fire can bring.

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  1. Diana Barlow Blaser says:

    Oh my gosh, Jana, how horrible!! I’m glad your furnace is fixed. The picture of all your footsies is too precious! I love it.

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