the fix boys

Monday, May 25, 2009

hi there, sorry for the delay in posting lately, this month has been a whirlwind. I went to a fabulous photography workshop in dallas at the beginning of the month and came back very inspired and ready for change. I thought it would be brilliant to change my website, well actually have a website vs. just a blog. I was gung ho, got things going, then the poop hit the fan, you may have noticed the chaos of the site the last couple of weeks, I apologize, I was dealing with the web company everyday and spending hours on trying to get all of the little bugs worked out, I think it is finally workable and looking good. During all of this I tried to switch my blog to the same company that manages my site and then had many complaints that it wasn’t as cheery as my original blog, so here you go, back to the original. Thanks to the valiant effort of my tech friend Sean, who has the patience of a saint, he was able to find my original site in the vast black hole that is the internet. I have smiled every single time I have gone to my blog the last couple of days, it feels like a cozy comfy worn in bathrobe (probably not a great comparison – but you know what I mean). What is the saying? “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Well I have learned my lesson after much turmoil and many late, late, late nights.

As for these adorable six month old boys, these are the Fix twins that I am so fortunate to photograph on a regular basis, it is a joy to see them grow, they are starting to have their own personalities, precious!


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  1. Kim S says:

    Yeah, i love the old blog! Glad to see it back. I’m glad you posted these too…I saw them when their equally gorgeous mom was cutting my hair last week.

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