Friday, June 19, 2009

This week I have been so self absorbed, running like crazy doing shoots and trying to keep on top of editing, it has been insane, don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful that I have work and honored that when people have options they choose me to capture their children, families, and memories, but I realized yesterday as I looked in the backyard to check on the kiddos that I have to remember to breathe. It was a quiet realization……ENJOY.

Enjoy ……the fact that you have an amazingly supportive husband that always helps and steps in without even being asked. He whisked the girls off to a daddy daughter date, a 3d movie, while I kept Ty at home to nap and worked (hence the 3d glasses Hailey loved sporting the rest of the day).

Enjoy ….that while going through old boxes of memories in anticipation of the first garage sale we’ve done in 7 years, we found an old school Darth Vader toy from Chris’ childhood. Ty immediately snatched him up and showed us how he shoots fire, (the poor kid is surrounded by barbies due to older sisters).

Enjoy….the gorgeous summer nights, Chris insisted we take a break from the late work nights and have some friends over for a bbq, kids relished jumping on the tramp then watching a movie while gorging on snacks. The grownups played board games on the deck with a gentle breeze and listened to children laughing in the background.

This summer will go as quickly as my gorgeous, spunky children are growing so I am promising myself that I am going to remember to… enjoy and breathe.


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