the Oliveiras

Thursday, June 4, 2009

this gorgeous group is so interesting, this is one of the reasons i love photographing people, it is great to get to know families, everyone has such a different story. the Oliveiras are from Brazil, they came to the states so Bruno could finish his medical training, he now is at billings clinic. Leonor is an attorney in Brazil and is not practicing at the moment so she can stay home and raise their beautiful children. and who you may ask is this lovely woman engaged in a peaceful moment cuddling the adorable babe? this is Leonor’s mother in law who took time from her dermatology practice to come all the way from Brazil and stay and help for 1.5 months! congrats on your new bundle of joy, he is precious!!!


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  1. Kim S says:

    wow, these are gorgeous. I’m sure Leonor will be checking your blog, so Leonor, the picture of you and babe is beautiful! I would have loved a picture like that with one of my boys!

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