a knight and princess

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This may be one of my all time favorite shoots. Parents are always asking me what to have their children wear, this fab mom asked me if we could do something a little different, of course I am always ready to mix it up. She told me that she wanted to take one of their family and have her daughters in dresses (the one dress they own) they never wear dresses, it just isn’t them, so I inquired what they are really like, she proceeded to tell me how much they love to dress up, Moe loves to be the knight. I was thrilled to capture the girls playing, laughing and loving, just as they are. These are the pictures that they will cherish as a family forever, not ones of them dresssed perfectly but the ones that really show the girls at this time in their life. It actually made me a bit teary since my girls are just past doing the princess thing, but I am looking forward to capturing many more knights and princesses in action during shoots.


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