Sunday, October 18, 2009

Matt is a great guy, from a fabulous family. He was very entertaining to photograph, he kept pulling out all of these crazy faces and poses that his mom warned him she would use for blackmail later on, you’ll have to ask him to see those. Thanks for a fun afternoon.

This ancient wood door is now on my growing list of wonderful places that have been torn down. I saw this weathered peeling door and knew it would be great to photograph, I went back shortly after I photographed Matt and it was gone, replaced by new ugly pine boards with zero character. The same happened to a rusted corrugated metal shed that had fantastic vines growing all over it. It was amazing, the colors in the rust were magical, it was gorgeous, I was happy and excited to return to see an old friend at the end of the summer and much to my surprise it was gone. So sad…..


3 responses to “Matt”

  1. Amanda MacDonald says:

    Jana – Great Work! Can I ask what lense you use to do your close ups? I love how the background is blurred!

  2. Amanda MacDonald says:

    Thanks Jana! I don’t have one of those yet…guess I should add it to my list of purchases. Right now I have an Olympus…and only shoot pics of my kids…but just recently applied for a company name and business license with hopes of getting it off the ground!

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