Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is she not the sweetest thing you have ever seen? I love her carrying her beloved stuffed animal. “Peanut” is how she is affectionately known by her family and friends, they have called her that from the beginning, I photographed her as an infant and they were calling her Peanut then. It fits her so well.

Her mom and I have the same philosophy about great pictures, she told me during this shoot how these mean the world to her, she would rather go without other things and be able to have pictures of her family that she will treasure forever, “they are only this age once, you have to capture it before it’s gone.” I always get teary when clients tell me their shared feelings, these little guys are growing up so fast, I look at my babies and can’t believe how big they are and how fast it is flying by, regretting that I am not taking pictures of every single moment. (ok once again that is my goal) watch for updates and please call me out if I don’t do it. I feel so fortunate to be the one to capture precious moments in your families lives, thank you for trusting me and letting me in. ok enough mushiness, I need to get to bed.forweb1


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