gotta love the gorgeous fam

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This first pic maybe one of my favorite newborn shots of all time, I just love the way they are gazing at their precious little baby, their skin looks creamy and fantastic, glorious!

I’m sure you tend to see people around town or when you have little kids like I do, you run into moms at music classes or gymnastics but you never have a chance to get to really know them, you are always wrestling kids into winter jackets or putting on their little snow boots. Clients call to book shoots and give me their names, and I am always pleasantly surprised when a familiar friendly face opens a door, such was the case with this beautiful mom, it had been 18 months since our kiddos were in the same gymnastics class, I didn’t know she was expecting, then when she opened the door we both smiled. Newborn shoots last quite awhile so it was great to talk to her and finally get to know her without my little guy tugging at my pant leg. She is wonderful! Her family is great, and I couldn’t post without showing you a picture of her handsome first born.

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  1. Yeah, no kidding… GORGEOUS. These are just divine.

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