Friday, February 5, 2010

Hailey’s birthday was yesterday, my little monkey turned 5! I envisioned an urban photo shoot with fab clothes, just her and I, then reality hit, Ty desperately needed a nap and it was snowy and cold so we decided to get ready for her pajama birthday party early and play in the front yard for a bit. We had a great time, she loved to see pics of herself making silly faces, acting like super girl and catching snowflakes on her tongue.

She invited six friends over for a pj party, which was really a cooking party but any excuse to wear her pjs all hours of the day is totally her. She decided that they all should make their own little pizzas and do a craft. This was honestly the best b-day party ever, the kids got along fabulously, and there was zero drama, just excited screeching and running around. Perfection!

Hailey decorated the cake herself, sprinkles and all. I love how she put the candles on lopsided and thought they were beautiful. These are the little things that I realize will change so quickly as she grows up, I’m trying to notice all of the hilarious moments that make her Hailey and capture them, I know in a few years this picture of crooked candles will make me tear up, oh wait it is now….. Ok I am officially a total sap.

Hailey is a wonderful girl full of spunk and personality. I love her with all of my heart. Happy Birthday Hailey!

4 responses to “Hailey”

  1. ronnie says:

    aweseome! Happy Birthday Hailey!!!

  2. Kim S says:

    Soooo fabulous Jana, I LOVE the pics of her in her pjs outside in the snow. Her personality shows through so wonderfully. I didn’t know she got her hair cut shorter…she looks so much older. Can’t wait to see you all in a few months!

  3. Love it! A pajama party is a great idea. Looks like they had a blast. Your little girl is so cute!

  4. Cindy Stubbs says:

    these pics are so perfectly adorable!!!!! Hailey is so cute. I love the group shot with the funny faces! Hannah said that was the best party ever!!!

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