the Preschool fundraiser

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i had to show you these cute kids! we did a fundraiser for the preschool, i took pics of each class when the baby chicks were visiting for the week and then did hailey’s class (that’s her in the middle) at their field trip on the farm.  i couldn’t show you the entire pic in this format but you get the idea, the chicks were adorable.  I love our Good shepherd preschool the teachers are amazing, we were lucky to be referred there when we first moved here so Taylor and hailey both spent two years there and then ty starts this fall, i can’t believe how fast time flies, i wouldn’t have them go anywhere else.  The kids have learned so much about the world they live in, in such a kind and gentle way.  the director jan plays the guitar and sings songs with them every morning, really does it get any better than that?  thank you for helping my kiddos grow up to be fun little people.

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  1. jan says:

    Thanks Jana for taking such awesome pictures of the kids (and the chicks!!). Parents will treasure those photos forever.

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