so kind…. kind of

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It is great having all of the kids home 24/7 during the summer, except for my constant nagging about picking up their stuff (seriously will they ever get it?).  The girls are having a blast playing together, it seems like since Taylor has been in school they don’t have enough time to just play and imagine, so during the summer they are able to get all of that in.  It makes my heart swell when I find them off playing nicely together.  Yesterday afternoon was one of those occasions so I had to take a quick pic.  They were on the swings singing about where they were from, Taylor informed me she was a girl from Italy and Hailey was a girl from Russia. The other picture is of something I found on Saturday, they were about to attend the b-day party of a dear friend Flora May so they were working on a card.  Hailey is the most kind hearted, generous person I know, when her friends come over she always wants to send them home with one of her toys, sometimes her favorites, she insists and what can I say, “no, be greedy”?  So she watches with a huge smile on her little face as her friends leave the play date with a newly acquired stuffed animal.  Well, these unicorn stickers are her favorites and she wanted desperately to give them to Flora, I didn’t even try to explain that most people wouldn’t want a half used sticker book, to her it was priceless. What made it even more adorable was that Taylor tried to help her write an explanation after Hailey’s large letters didn’t fit.  Check out her spelling… “Flora, some are oretee used”.  When I found this on the table I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.  I love you girls!!!

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  1. Kim says:

    love those Graham girls!!

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