Thank you for your service

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This mom wanted to do a photo shoot of her family before her dear husband was deployed for the second time.  I was honored that she called me to capture this time in their lives.  It was really important to her to have great images of her hubby and two boys.  I didn’t anticipate how emotional that it would be, it made me realize the sacrifice that these military families make for us. I hate to admit that the war isn’t always on my mind, I almost forget it is going on,  it is not constantly in our faces and things here in the states seem to be business as usual.  It really touched me to photograph a family that is directly impacted and sacrificing for us so that we can enjoy our freedom.  It was happy, happy, joy, joy until I had the couple away from the kids for a moment alone, once they looked into each others eyes the tears flowed,  he was leaving in a couple of days for one year.  I can’t imagine being without Chris for that long.  Thank you.

3 responses to “Thank you for your service”

  1. Kathy Petrizzi says:

    Beautiful pictures that so touched my heart. We are so proud of the Porters and pray for them daily. Love you, cuz. See you soon.

  2. Sue Busch says:

    You did a wonderful job Jana and your comment was moving. Thank you.

  3. haylie says:

    jana–i just had to comment! i LOVE the b&w one of the mom & dad alone. the emotion is just thick. great photos! ps their kids are so cute!

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