Chickens anyone?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Amanda was adorable and so fun!  She did everything I asked, and I mean everything, including holding a chicken.  We ran into a chicken coop during the shoot with a very friendly owner who happily let us hold the unique chickens.  I love Montana! I grew up in LA, so shooting a senior with a chicken is beyond anything I could have conjured up,  it was so random and quirky.  I doubt the chicken pic will be the 24×36 canvas hung on their wall for generations but it was fun and offbeat.  I’m sure none of her friends will have a black and white chicken that totally works with the dress in their senior repertoire.  Thanks Amanda for being so fabulous and going with the flow, you were a blast.

Amanda plays golf for Senior High and inspired me to get my girls started.  We also took a shot with her cute boyfriend, since she was included in his senior pics last year.

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