First day of School!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I can’t believe I have two kiddos in “real” school now.  Taylor is in second grade and Hailey started kindergarten, they are growing up way too fast.  I was a mess when Taylor went to kindergarten so I was a little bit nervous.  I was doing well this morning until during the prayer at breakfast,  Hailey said, “please bless us that we can be on time to school, and have a great time, and that mommy won’t cry.”  We haven’t even talked about me crying when she went to kindergarten, I was trying to keep everything positive, but she knows me too well.   After she was done, opened her eyes and unfolded her little arms she saw that I was teary and asked why?  Chris said in a joking voice, ” mom wants you to stop growing and stay home with her forever.”  Hailey informed us that the only way we could keep them from growing was to sit on them and I had Ty at home still so I should be happy.  Thankfully I got it together quickly and to my surprise was totally fine when I said goodbye to her at school.  I’m sure it helped that we didn’t really have a chance to get emotional at school, it was so crazy!!! Her class was up against the wall at the front of the school by the door, so there were older kids trying to get through as well as the kindergarten parents trying to get pics.  I managed to get a couple of pics of her friends standing behind her, she is so excited to have a few familiar faces in her class.  Kindergarten is the worst for me, up until that time in their little lives I had control of who they played with and for the most part what they were exposed to, once they get into big kid school, it’s up in the air but…..I am thrilled to watch her grow, learn, experience new things and make new friends.  Chris called and said that Taylor buzzed right into school, chatting with her friends without any problem.

We took the above pics in the front this morning and rocked the sunflare with no time to spare.  Ty insisted on making his favorite breakfast for the girls, german pancakes.

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  1. Jana!! I am crying reading this — I just sent my first off to Kindergarten and I am a mess! :-) Glad to know I am not the only one!

  2. anessa says:

    Reading your post got me teary eyed. I just love them so much!! Love the shot of TY what a cutie!!
    Please tell them Auntie Anessa loves them and misses them 😉

  3. So cute, Jana. I’ll be taking these same sort of photos this coming Monday. Can’t hardly believe it’s that time again.

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