Love in Flathead

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I went a little crazy with this post but I couldn’t help it!  I tried to narrow down the pics but there were so many fun ones I had to share more than usual.  This is the second part of that gorgeous wedding in Flathead that I gave you a preview of earlier.  Trevor and Kelsey were great and the wedding party hilarious.  There is always a little stress on the big day, this one was the case of the missing bride’s shoes.  Once we realized they were lost forever, never to be found again, everyone adjusted and the rest of the day went perfectly.  Kelsey used to be a wedding planner for Gainan’s so of course every detail was accounted for, from the lavender sachets to the custom tree seedlings to give the guests as favors, she did an amazing job.  Jim and his team traveled  from Gainan’s to the festivities and once again did fabulous work!  This wedding had an extra perk for me, my best friend Kim, who is a fab photographer, happened to be visiting her family in area, and generously offered to second shoot.  It was so great to have her there helping me capture this special day!  Thanks Kim xoxoxo!!!

The ceremony took place at their family’s cabin on Flathead lake, it was beyond beautiful.  The guests started with cocktails under white tents and then were seated for the ceremony.  The wedding party looked amazing, only to be joined by the glowing bride on the platform built on the lake.  Vows were made, rings and kisses exchanged and then it was time to party.  The wedding party traveled to the reception across the lake via boat, where they enjoyed a toast and some downtime before the “real” party started.  When the arrived at the dock the eager guests were waiting for them, the wedding party did a choreographed  dance to, “tonight’s gonna be a good night” while Kelsey and Trevor boogied on by and up the ramp with their guests throwing lavender on them as they passed.  The reception venue was beautiful, dinner scrumptious and the toasts emotional.  After the dinner and toasts, everyone sauntered up to the rooftop over looking the lake for dancing.  “Austin Martin and the Dudes of Plenty” were an entertaining band that kept everyone dancing and having fun.  So enjoy the overwhelming visual amount of wedding bliss.  I love the last pic of Grandma with her feet up at the very end of the post.  Looks like a good idea to me.

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  1. Pat Clark says:

    Hi Jana – pics are great. What wonderful press from Gainans!

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