Stormy day!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I love this first shot, these sisters totally worked it, and look like they belong on an Abercrombie ad.  This family shoot didn’t go as planned.  I had been so lucky and avoided all of the downpours last week and was feeling pretty proud.  I jinxed myself right at the beginning of the shoot, “oh, don’t worry the clouds will pass, I haven’t ever been caught in a storm”, these were the famous last words.  We got through the family shoot, and were almost done, just about to photograph the girls and then it started, there was no escaping it, crazy wind, rain and lightening.  The mom was prepared, and had a huge umbrella, so we squished next to a big boulder in the rims and tried to keep the girls dry, if only the storm would have been a few minutes less we would have made it, could have pulled it off, but instead,  I was soaked, I mean wet dog soaked, the rain had splashed the mud up onto our legs and everywhere else, needless to say after being huddled and not looking our best we decided a reshoot was required to finish up the teen sisters.  I am so glad that we got together again, the girls were fresh and happy, delighted to work it and have some fun.  I love the shots that we got that day!  Thanks girls!

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