This session makes my heart happy!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

There was something about this session that made me joyful, crazy joyful.  I left this session and immediately called my photog friend and raved about how wonderful it was; sometimes the light is just right, the location amazing, the colors are fantastic, the clients completely trust you and show their relationships/emotions and everything falls into place beautifully.  (It might have had something to do with the fact that the 3 yr old was a Ty as well :))  The family adored each other, I have never seen a boy so in love with his dad, they are best friends.  I had  a great time following them around as an observer, capturing their loving interactions; and the baby to be shots, I mean really, can a mom be any more beautiful? – it should be a crime.  I can not wait to meet and photograph their baby girl in November!  Thanks for a magical evening!

4 responses to “This session makes my heart happy!”

  1. Jenny says:

    i AGREE!!! gorgeous everything! amazing shoot :-)

  2. Katie Glennon says:

    Fantastic Jana! These photos are amazing!! Some of my favorite pics EVER! Great photog! Great subjects! So fun to see!

  3. Katie Hatzell says:

    Oh my GOD!!! You are amazing. They turned out better than I could ever imagine. Thank you so much. I can not say enough and really go on and on and on…
    Showed Steve and he has had a smile on his face the entire morning.
    Without getting too cheezy, thank you for capturing such a special moment in our lives. It was very important for me to get some pictures of the three of us before we became four. Not only for Tyler’s sake but for Steve and I as well. As excited as we are to welcome our sweet little girl, this shoot was one of those rare moments where you just take it all in because you know it will be the last time where it is just Mom, Dad, and the first born.
    I love them all so much Jana!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. The things you said about me and my family were so kind and made the pictures even more special. I think I take it for granted how amazing my family is because I live in it everyday. What a great reminder that I will have forever!
    Keep me posted on when I can view them all and when we can set up a time to talk packages, etc.
    You are simply…the best!!!!

  4. Kim says:

    You were right…this was an amazing session!!! And seriously, how is it possible that all of your clients are gorgeous?

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