baby Athena

Friday, October 8, 2010

This tiny babe came all of the way from Missoula to take some pics.   I was so flattered since there are so many great photographers up that way,  I was determined to get some amazing images of this little miss for her mama.    At 10 days old, she was the most wide awake baby I have ever seen, it was amazing, she is the only one who hasn’t given me the funky cross-eyed look.  This new family was gorgeous, and so, so kind.  People who have never been to a newborn session would never believe what goes on behind the scenes or the work it takes to get each shot.  I think this little one has the best digestive system ever, we went through every single one of my blankets, but you would never know looking at her serene face in these pics.  I’ve had parents get worried when things don’t go exactly as they imagine they should, but never fear, we always get great shots.  Congrats on your new precious bundle!!!!

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    oh my goodnes! pure love!


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