Gorgeous Alex

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alex was an AMAZING girl!!!  She told me right before the shoot that she would be sporting a cast on her leg.  Of course, all of the negative thoughts went through my mind; great how am I going to get the shots that I want, she will be trashed and hobbling along at a snail’s pace, how can I keep her energy up, what about clothing changes?  She proved me wrong, right when she got out of the car I knew I had nothing to fear, I saw her gorgeous smile and fun, peppy, personality and knew at that instant that this shoot would rock!  Alex fell during a cheer stunt a few days before homecoming for Central, so sad, but she had the best attitude and was the fastest I have ever seen on crutches, she didn’t complain once.  She is such a great girl with a fantastic future ahead of her!

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  1. Katie Hatzell says:

    She rocked that cast! Adorable client and great photos Jana.=)

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