Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where do all of these gorgeous seniors come from?   Lauren was great and up for anything, we incorporated her grandmother’s bracelet in this shot.  Thanks Lauren for a lovely evening.  Side note:  Fabulous Ashley did the make up for this shoot, I have worked with her on a wedding and she has started working with me on select shoots, she does an amazing job and is so fun!  Thanks Ashley!

7 responses to “Lauren”

  1. haylie says:

    gorgeous gal! you got some great shots :)

  2. Katie Hatzell says:

    Lauren and Jana-
    I have been waiting in anticipation for these to post! It was well worth the wait. So beautiful. The first one with the rocks is my absolute favorite, but they all turned out perfect. Great job Jana…once again.=) Lauren- you are stunning!

  3. Diana says:

    Unlike nothing I’ve ever seen. Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Lauren says:

    yayyy! thank you so much! i am in LOVE with them! :)

  5. Jane Ahlquist says:

    Lauren, my beautiful Lauren. These pictures are lovely. Kudos to Jana Graham… This Grandmother’s cup runneth over!!!!

  6. Anita Price says:

    Beautiful!! So proud of you “miss Lauren”!

  7. Megan Wachsmuth says:

    Beautiful pictures and what a gorgeous girl.

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