One of our family’s favorite activities….

Friday, October 1, 2010

My mom came upon this fabulous farm just outside of Bridger and now it has become one of our favorite places.  Dick and Patricia grow organic, u-pick veggies.  They welcome families and encourage you to get dirty; the kids love visiting and pulling out amazing veggies such as purple carrots and fingerling potatoes. (Being able to harvest the veggies and then eat them that night has helped the kids be extremely adventurous in their eating;  when Ty has not been super excited about the buttercup squash, we remind him that Farmer Dick grew it especially for him, and he scarfs it down).  The roaming turkeys serve as walking pesticides and are completely friendly–the kids love to follow them around and echo their melodic gobbling.  They are currently open to the public only on Fridays but are having a Fall Pumpkin Day on this Sunday the 3rd.  You can view their website and info HERE.  If you are lucky enough to go, tell Farmer Dick the Grahams said, “Hi!”

4 responses to “One of our family’s favorite activities….”

  1. Diana says:

    What a gorgeous place! And how fun for the kiddos. Love those turkeys! (the actual turkeys!)

  2. Kim says:

    that looks so fun!!! love all the turkeys!! We just got purple carrots this week from the farmers market.

  3. What a cool experience for you all! I wonder if there is anything like that here. I would LOVE to do things like this with my kids. Great captures BTW!

  4. Ronnie says:

    Soooo Awesome!!! Wish I could go tomorrow but can’t :(

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