My Superhero

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I realized that during all of this craziness I haven’t posted anything about the Graham fam.  We have had such a wonderful but busy month, company every other week, the hectic fall photo schedule and fun times with the kids.  I have so much to share but haven’t had a chance, I am so far behind on posting all of the wonderful families that I have had the pleasure of working with, I didn’t feel like I could take the time to post about us….so stay tuned, in January I will recap our last few months for all of those interested.  Until then I will look forward to sharing all of my amazing clients with you.  Thank you everyone for your patience, if you are eagerly waiting to see your sneak peek it should be up soon, I am working around the clock to show you your finished images that I hope will knock your socks off.  Because I couldn’t post without a pic….(honestly what could be cuter than a little boy in his favorite underoos?) Here he is, a bird? a plane? no it’s Super Ty, the little man that lights up my day.

2 responses to “My Superhero”

  1. Katie Hatzell says:

    Ahhhhh Ty Graham, you are so cute. Thanks for the update Jana.=)

  2. Anessa Woolford says:

    UP UP AND AWAY!! I just love that super hero!! miss ya

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