Precious Phoebe

Monday, November 22, 2010

I had been anxiously waiting for the day that I would meet and photograph Phoebe, her baby to be session was one of my all time favorites (see it here), I was so excited to meet her!  She didn’t disappoint.  She was so tiny and adorable and of course, mom was stunning.  One of my favs is the sequence with the new big brother.  He did so well for a little guy, but the first pic is so classic, I love his disgruntled, “why is this baby here” look.   First borns have it rough when the new babe comes along and turns their world upside down, but look at how just a second later he is smooching on her and then laughing.  I have no doubt he will be a fab big bro.  Congrats on your new bundle of joy and thank you so much for letting me document this special time in your lives!!!

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  1. Deb Agnew says:

    Phoebe is lovely!!! Congratulations!!! Beautfil pics too, as always!

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