Bikes, Racquets and Flowers

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This fabulous mom sent me a pic of what she had done with her family session from this fall, and I realized that I had failed to blog them, yikes!, but I wanted to be sure and share this fun family with you.  She had incorporated the words: bikes, racquets and flowers in her wall arrangement, I love it!  That was exactly what we were going for, when I asked her during our consult what she could tell me about her family, she relayed that were a family of very active outdoor boys, all with different interests, then throw mom in the mix, camping and roughing it with the best of them, but their family has a very affectionate lovey side as well, she said they love to watch movies all cuddled up and cozy on the couch like a bunch of puppies, so even though they have boy craziness going on, it is well balanced by lots of laughs and love.  It was so fun to photograph them together, piled on each other and then switch gears and have them work what makes them unique and show the different dynamic they each bring to their energetic fun family.  (by the way,  I love great pics of siblings together, like the one below, when I am working on them in post processing I often get teary when I think of how the mom will react when she sees her kids with their arms around each other and looks of pure joy on their faces.  I always tear up when I see a pic of my three together enjoying life.)  Thanks for a fun session!

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  1. Dana says:

    Jana, these photos have made us SO happy. You should see the huge prints in our house. . . they are beautiful and everyone instantly gravitates to them. You are one amazing and talented person and THANK YOU for sharing it with the world!

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