Texas Love

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I love these Texans!   We meet them when we lived in Fort Worth, Colton and Anessa are dear friends of ours, we consider them our family.  They came to visit us this fall before the snow fell so we decided to take advantage and get some shots of them together, a “love” shoot.  It was different since they are such good friends to get that hot thing going, whenever we attempted to conjure up the smolder look we would just break out laughing, but as soon as we got the chuckles out and they focused on each other it was magic.  They are the most amazing, generous, kind people, we are so lucky to call them friends.  (side note)  They decided to take the kids to Toys R Us and let them each pick out a toy within a certain limit, it was quite a sight.  Our kids have never been to Toys R Us, I think that might make me the worst parent in the world, but it was so fun to see their eyes get as big as saucers when they saw all of the toys lining the walls and filling the entire warehouse size store.  Anessa was with Hailey and told me that when she saw what she wanted she fell to her knees raised her arms to the heavens and gleefully said, “this is it, this is the one”.   They were as happy as clams for the rest of the week.

2 responses to “Texas Love”

  1. anessa says:

    Thank Jana for the “love session” Colton and I will cherish these for years to come! Give our love to the kids. Hugs

  2. Diana says:

    So great to see them again, even if it’s on the computer. They are a beautiful couple. How fun to go to Toys R Us. Neato!

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