Bozeman Bound

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I lalalaLOVE this family!  I first met them when I photographed this little babe, that session turned out to be one of my all time favorite newborn shoots. (you can see it HERE) I loved working through the entire process with them and was looking forward to documenting their family as they grew.  (Mom is hysterical and now considered one of my friends -shot out to the mom :))  So I was thrilled when she asked me to photograph them in Bozeman at their newly finished second home, she wanted to have family pics in their yard and around the house so that they could show the boys in the future how big they were when they started this adventure.  It is in a gorgeous setting next to the ski hill and perfect for their active family.  (and I mean active…..)  I have never known such an outdoorsy mom, when we were trying to get together to go over pics after the newborn shoot we had to schedule it between kayaking and rafting excursions!  You know the everyday shoes that live at everyone’s front door in the snowy winter?  When I stepped foot in their Bozeman house I timidly placed my shoes next to their ski boots, if your ski boots are right next to the well used uggs you aren’t messing around.  She is my idol and what I want to be when I grow up, an outdoorsy superhero.  Just so you know what a reach that would be for me, we have made the decision or investment as my dear husband calls it to learn to ski as a family.  Now that are kids are all old enough to take lessons, we are hitting the slopes together, the cool or pathetic thing, however you decide to look at it, is that I am in the group class next to them snowplowing with all of my might like a huge dork.  I realize I am one of the few adults in Montana that doesn’t know how to race down the hill like an olympian but you have to remember that I grew up at the beach.  We have a couple of more classes before we will be blissfully, and hopefully gracefully, gliding down the hill together as a family in matching ski attire, ok that’s a little far fetched, but the skiing together is definitely a goal.  Everyone tells me it will be worth it.  I’ll keep up posted……  Back to this great family – what else can I say, they are gorgeous and so fun, I love the energetic, loving vibe that is oozing out of these pics, because I like to personalize things I have to let you in on one little neat fact, the sled that you see in the shots with the kids was their grandpa’s when he was a boy.  Love it!!!!!

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