It’s the first senior of the season!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sally and I had to reschedule twice, once due to weather and the second time she had a run in with the swine flu, yikes!  So, I was thrilled when we got together on a gorgeous warm, sunny day this week.  All seniors are nervous initially, let’s just admit it, major buildup to the day, and how awkward is it in the first few minutes to have someone taking pictures of just you? I imagine it can feel a little intimidating, but after a few minutes they relax, and I show them a couple of in camera images, they can see how fabulous they look, they trust me, and then work it like no other to give me amazing images.  Sally was no exception, she let me in, showed me the real her and look what we got, Gorgeousness!!!!  We had a blast running around town to different locations to give her various looks.  She is a superb  girl, and has so much going for her!  She will be leaving in the fall to play soccer for a university in Nashville, she plays multiple instruments and she is hilarious!  It was so fun to get to know you!!

Thanks to Ashley for the fabulous makeup!

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  1. Diana says:

    Wow, what a knockout! Beautiful girl. Great pictures, always perfect.

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