Just wondering…………..

Monday, March 14, 2011

does the edge of anyone else’s tub look like this right now?  Don’t get me wrong, girls are a blast, I adore mine, but I love having a boy.  I didn’t have any brothers, so it was estrogen overload at my house growing up, (my poor dad). I get the biggest kick out of Ty, I had no idea how different boys really were until I had one of my own.  He cracks me up, he has opened a whole new world to me and I love it!

2 responses to “Just wondering…………..”

  1. Dawn Pilcher says:

    Jana, I am the same way with Ryan! Love having a boy after only a sister growing up. My little boy has ME wrapped around his little finger for sure :)

  2. Sally says:

    Sorry, ladies, but my Hailey lines the tub with animals! And even though it’s my tub (cuz its bigger) and the paint sometimes comes off the animals and stays (permanently) on my tub when they slide down the sides, I let her do it. Love to see her imagination work as she pairs mom and baby animals and they have their adventures. Love this age!

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