Not a bad place to be……

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So I had the pleasure of taking my first cruise last week, we went with five other couples to the southern carribean and had an amazing time!  I have some fun pics to share with you in the next few days.  We got home at midnight on Sunday after a death defying flight and hit the ground running.  The flight from Philly to Denver was the craziest thing I have ever experienced, people say they hit turbulence, but it seriously was four free falls of 300 -400 feet, combined with crazy back and forth inbetween, it was insane!  You know when you are on a roller coaster and it drops and suspends you in the air for a moment, now imagine that while in a plane full of screaming people without any warning, it was seriously like a scene out of a movie you see right before the airplane crashes, drinks flying, luggage falling out of the overhead, people throwing up, screaming, crying, lights flashing, someone hit their head on the plastic overhead, above the seat where the air and light controls are and actually cracked the ceiling, had a big gash in his head that was apparently bleeding everywhere, everyone thought they were going to die, we were convinced it was the end.  The girl behind me was breathing into a bag hyperventilating for quite some time.   The pilot finally got on the intercom after a very long five minutes and his voice was shaking, he was obviously upset, which isn’t very comforting, you would hope the person in charge would be calm cool and collected, he kept apologizing saying that they had no indication of that kind of event on the radar and that they would have paramedics standing by at the gate for anyone that needed assistance.  Chris was seriously considering driving from denver back to billings, the good thing was that we had to literally run to the next plane, since there were 12 of us they were holding the flight,  it was the last of the night, we didn’t really have time to think but had to jump right back on the saddle, a blessing in the end, or I might have been more hesitant to get on a plane for awhile.  My friend talked to the flight attendant and she said she had never experienced anything like that in her 30 years of working, so I should be good to go, if that was her worst, I can claim this as my worst as well and should be good the rest of my life, right?

So after surviving a crazy flight, it was immediately back to real life.  Monday afternoon I had the privilege of photographing a Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep session.  And yesterday I was shooting all day, an adorable newborn and one family session that rocked me to the core, it involved laughter and tears, I can’t wait to tell you about it and show you how it went.  It was incredible!  Stay tuned….

Right now I am sitting waiting for Chris to get out of recovery, he just had his ACL repaired.  I had no idea how intensive this surgery/recovery was, he is banned from work for three weeks, physical therapy here we come.  I get to play nurse for the next couple weeks,  so hopefully in between rotating ice packs and bringing him jello and Gatorade I’ll be able to get caught up on all of the emails and calls that came in while I was in paradise.  Thanks for your patience!  Lots of fun and exciting things coming up, lots to share, fun sessions I’m looking forward to.  It’s been an eventful few days, I’m thankful when I have reminders that put things into perspective and make me think.  I am so blessed to have my health, my family, friends, I’m enjoying the ride –   Life is good!

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  1. Kim says:

    You weren’t kidding when you said you had a horrible flight!! So thankful you made it back safely my friend, and I have a huge appreciation for you getting on an airplane again in May to come to Cali!!

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