One year….

Monday, May 23, 2011

I was so excited to take her one year old pics.  After I spent some time photographing her I learned;  she is beautiful, a wise soul, an observer, shy at first, a lover of pacifiers and books, and is lucky enough to  have an uber loving, appreciative mama who is soaking in every moment she has with her, enjoying all of the little every day things that are going by way too fast.



Funny how things really work out, when mom mentioned they would also like to include some shots with the new addition to their family I was pumped.  In my mind I had all of these amazing shots of her with her brand new puppy they had only brought home a couple of days earlier, really a one year old and a puppy can it get any cuter?  I forgot that new puppies have razor sharp teeth and even though the puppy was playful and adorable and was only trying to be friends, they hadn’t really figured each other out.  next time…..

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