Whew we made it…..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We had a great time in California, we visited our amazing friends then headed up north to celebrate and photograph my sister’s wedding in breathtaking wine country,  (I can’t wait to share pictures) all of it was fabulous until it was time to go home… and I have never been so happy to walk through my front door.  Chris was supposed to travel with us but then had to opt out due to his knee and blood clot so I was solo with the kids.  They have always been exceptional travelers but this last 24 hours really tested them.   We drove a few hours south so that we could fly out of San Francisco only to be told that our flight was extremely late and we would miss our connecting flight in Salt Lake city.  We ended up getting into salt lake at 1am then being shuttled to a hotel for a few hours sleep then up in the early am to try and get on the next flight out.  We landed in Billings at 12:30pm, thrilled to be home so we could crash on the couch.  My saving grace was the friends we made at the airport.  There was another solo mom with kids the same age so we turned the gate into kid central while we waited and waited.  My girlfriend called this morning and asked Ty about his trip, he excitedly told her about his toy from the aquarium and his new friends at the airport, obviously a highlight for him.  The kids were adorable, they bounced off of each other for hours, I’m not sure what we would have done if we didn’t have friends to occupy our time with freeze tag and gymnastic tricks.  The mom was Summer Sanders, does the name sound familiar?  She is an Olympic gold medalist swimmer  and now a TV correspondent.   She told me about her husband’s (he’s an olympic skier) new company Soul Poles, which are 100% sustainable ski poles, sounded like a great thing for us up here in Montana check out the link here.  She was so nice and really made that forever long airport time doable.

I have so much to catch up on, I had great sessions the week before I left that I will be posting as well as vacation/wedding pics so stay tuned…..

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