California Wine Country Wedding

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Of course this is one of my favorite weddings ever, I am a bit biased since it was my little sister’s big day, but I think most of the guests might agree.  You might remember an earlier sneak peek (here it is) of this fabulous day.   The love that flowed throughout the day was amazing, it was like a giant hug, everyone was happy and kind, it was such an eclectic group of guests, hippy meets country club, east coast/west coast,  they did such a good job of making everyone feel welcome and appreciated.  Megan did a superb job of planning and then letting it go and allowing herself to enjoy the festivities.  Megan and Leo have been together for 8+ years, they make each other so happy and their mutual adoration is contagious.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your amazing day, it was an honor!!!! I love you!


Megan and Leo have been a part of a great grassroots nonprofit organization from the beginning called Common Vision, they are fully committed to making a difference.  This organization tours in a few buses that have been converted into veggie oil run machines (thanks to Leo), they go up and down the California coast putting on assemblies about the earth for inner-city schools, they plant fruit trees together and teach kids about how things grow and where fruit comes from leaving them with trees that will bear fruit for years to come.  It has been a huge success and something that Megan and Leo have worked very hard on.  I had been hearing about all of the people Megan works with for years so it was great to finally meet the fine people that they are so close to.


Notice it’s my kid who is busting out the silly faces?  nice……. Chris wasn’t able to go since he had just had knee surgery and developed a lovely blood clot so our original plan of him being in charge of the kids while I played photographer and sister of the bride was a bit botched, but everything worked out, just ignore the kid in the front. :)


Their wedding was at the most gorgeous vineyard overlooking rolling hills filled with oak trees, a photographer’s dream.  The landscape was incredible!


The music was incredible and I mean INCREDIBLE!  They had their musician friends play 2 songs each during dinner and in between toasts, it  was so unique and different. The variety was fantastic, they sang from their heart and it was beautiful.  The DJ was amazing as well, the best I have ever heard,  he was so gifted and played songs that kept everyone from different generations and different walks of life grooving, even my grandma couldn’t resist the dance floor.  It was definitely a party not to be missed!


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  1. Summer barrett says:

    Love her dress and boots!! It looked like it was a beautiful day! Congrats!

  2. Jasmine Schlafke says:

    Amazing, much

  3. hi Jana! these are great — how does this work tho? can I order some of these from you?

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