A senior girly

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I love photographing seniors, we run all over, dress up and capture different sides of their personality, all while making them feel like rockstars, even if we are being chased by stormy skies, and running with umbrellas for a bit.  Courtney was fabulous, thunder and lightening was crashing over head while she worked it on the hay bale.  She is passionate about basketball, so we were sure to spend time in the gym as well as show her girly side.  Thanks for a fun evening!

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One response to “A senior girly”

  1. Debbie Lutes says:

    Courtney looks ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!
    Awesome pics! Its gonna be so hard to
    Choose! Court, YOU are an absolute knock out!
    Or should I get with the time and say,
    YOU are “lookin’ pretty HOT” hee hee.
    I loved them all, but I think I’ve already
    Got a favorite!! I love you, Court!
    You are my fav niece! LoL ~ Aunt Debbie

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