fireworks, oh my!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We had an eventful holiday weekend, Chris had to go to home to Toronto for a family funeral, so I had 5 days with the kids, we decided to make it memorable.  A few of our adventures included; taking a trip to Candy Town (always a highlight), swimming with friends, picnics on the floor of the family room and spending an evening with Ashley, a fabulous makeup artist and a dear family friend.  She bought a sporty convertible, so we took a spin, bought some fireworks and thought it was the perfect night to head out to the drive-in.  They loved the rides and then snuggling up in the back of the pickup with tasty snacks under the stars and a few mosquitos.  Chris made it back on the afternoon of the fourth just in time for family parties and fireworks.  My kids are the biggest  scaredy cats, this hysterical pic below with a horrified look on their face was taken when a firework a little bit bigger than a fountain that made screeching noises was let off.  Sparklers are definitely the firework of choice at the Graham house.


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  1. Ashley Dunkelberger says:

    Best weekend ever……I am so thankful to have such great friends!!! Thanks Again Graham Fam :)

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