Such an Honor

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I’ve been putting off this blog post for the last few weeks, why?  This was such a special session and I every time I sat down to write I couldn’t find the words. I’m still at a loss but here we go – I first met this family through Now I Lay me Down to Sleep, an amazing worldwide organization of photographers that gifts families that have suffered the loss of an infant their services.  I have met so many families over the years but do not ever see or hear from them again, I go in quietly and tenderly, capture images and then send them a cd.  I am with them at one of the most heartbreaking times in their lives.  I was amazed when I met this family, they knew of their babies diagnosis and were able to prepare before he was born, they were peaceful and dealing amazingly well considering the circumstance.  They sent me a lovely, gracious thank you note after the fact but I didn’t expect to hear from them again.  I was overjoyed when Candy called me and told me that they were expecting and that they would be in town this summer for a wedding right after the baby was born, they live 6 hours away so it was a perfect time to capture them with Dustin.  It was wonderful to hold Dustin, a gorgeous, bouncing baby boy and to see how ecstatic they were holding him in their arms.  This first image is when we both lost it, it’s hard to shoot when you are crying but everything came full circle in that moment.  Candy had mentioned to me in prior conversations that she wanted to incorporate her tattoo that she had done in Dutch’s honor in one of the shots.  She envisioned this tattoo after she saw the pictures from the NILMDTS session, when a baby has passed away they put a butterfly on the hospital door so that people who enter know of the fragile circumstance.  She modeled the tattoo after the butterfly, I loved this picture of Dustin, being held by his mommy and connected to his brother at the same time.   This session was amazing, I am so happy for this family!  Congrats on your beautiful baby!

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4 responses to “Such an Honor”

  1. Samantha says:

    Sweet Jana!!! This is beautiful!

  2. Karla says:

    This is such a wonderful thing~Dutch and Dustin will always be connected in the first photo. The photo, even though it is a great one, made me shed tears thinking of the connection that there is with them and for both of you also. Tracy and Candy, I always think and pray for you a lot as losing a child is not something a parent should ever have to go through, as we both know! Love always!

  3. Renee says:

    Jana this is very touching. thank you for sharing. Those of us that do NILMDTS deeply know how it feels and exactly how hard it would have been to not shed some tears during this session. I too walk away never knowing where life takes a family after a situation. I have had one contact me on fb and she has since had another little guy as well but they now live in Utah.

  4. Katie says:

    Such a touching story Jana! Beautiful family and the moments you captured will forever keep them close to baby Dutch in photo and heart.

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