Come fly with me….

Thursday, January 12, 2012

While I was photographing this fun session I couldn’t get the “Come Fly with Me” Sinatra song out of my head.  I knew from our pre-consult discussions about the concept and wardrobe that this would be a special shoot, but it was amazing to see it come together!  They did a fantastic job stylizing the shoot–everyone had a character and look that they were working. The whole family looked extraordinary! They easily could have been whisked off of a movie set.  This family has gone through so much in the last few years, I wanted to knock it out of the park for them. They made it easy. Lindsey was also one of the great team of people who helped make my dream of opening a one-of-a-kind natural light studio a reality. I began with a concept, and she managed to find just the right pieces to decorate all the right places–and the end result is like this family–fabulous!!

Taylor just walked by and asked, “Are those people famous?”

2 responses to “Come fly with me….”

  1. Summer says:

    Love it! How fun to do something different, for the family and you!!

  2. Katie says:

    This is so amazing!!! I have known the Bornes’s for a very long time and they have NEVER looked better!! This shoot describes their family to a T. You did them proud Jana Graham. Love love love!

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