Gushy, mushy, wonderful love…..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Engagement sessions are so fun! Working with and getting to know the couple is imperative before the big day, it gives me a chance to see how they are together, what their relationship is like, how we vibe; more importantly, they get the chance to feel amazing, and confident in front of the camera so on the wedding day there is zero hesitation, just pure love coming through to the lens.  These lovebirds were oozing warmth and kindness.  They love music, and the outdoors; hiking, backpacking and adoring their new pup (I can’t get over how adorable his scarf is!) I have a feeling the Red Lodge wedding this summer by the creek is going to be gorgeous!  I have to mention – I am completely jealous of her flowing mermaid hair! Isn’t it fabulous?!?

7 responses to “Gushy, mushy, wonderful love…..”

  1. Brian says:

    Thanks so much Jana!
    The pictures are amazing!

  2. megan says:

    these are so wonderful!!!

  3. Nancy Huff says:

    Words do not properly express how proud and blessed I am to have such a wonderful child in my life. Blossoming womanhood for such a sweet, kind girl, and loving soul absolutely has been captured in these photos. Denise and Brian’s love is acutely evident. My heart sings that these two amazing people have found each other and are about to embark upon the rest of their lives together. What a grand adventure it will be! Thank you Jana for the great pictures that capture them both completely! Oops, my grand puppy Henry too!! lol

  4. Linette & Mary Beth says:

    What a wonderful way to capture the love Brian and Denise share. Your photos are quite stunning.

  5. Missy LaRocco says:

    Can’t wait for the BIG day! I feel warmth coming from these pictures! I hope you two always feel that warmth! Jana you are an amazing photographer!

  6. Tracy Janczak says:

    Absolutely beautiful;) I’m in love with these photos !! You must be obsessed with how great they turned out;) love you friends

  7. Terri Walters Will says:

    Nancy, these pics are gorgeous! She looks a lot like you. Looks like they are having fun. Congrats to the cute couple!

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