how could I have missed…

Monday, April 2, 2012

blogging this family? I have been in bed for almost a week with a bad back.  I threw it out, I have no idea how, I wish I could say I rescued a granny from a grizzly or something heroic, but no – I must just be getting old.  I usually just push through everything, but it wasn’t an option here.  I had to reschedule shoots and meetings which killed me, I don’t know if I have ever done that before.  But what can you do when you can hardly walk?  After a long week of nursing with lots of ice and some meds, I am ready to go.  I was looking through my files today  making sure everything was in order and realized that I missed introducing you to this adorable family!  We started with the intention of only taking pics of the kids and then decided to throw mom in some shots, I am so glad we did, snuggly shots are my favorite.  This first one melts my heart, doesn’t he just have a look of pure peaceful joy on his little face?  He is totally at home “nuggling” (as it’s called at our house) with his mama.  I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting dad until the ordering meeting and I can tell you these must some of the luckiest kids around!  Mom and Dad are warm, friendly, patient and kind, let’s see what other words are synonyms for fabulous? It makes sense that they both work in Pediatrics.  We are lucky to have them here in Billings. Thanks guys!

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