Welcome little Miss. K.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Here she is….the sweetest possible addition to the Ballard family.  Her big brother achieved rock star status when his buzz lightyear pic  (seen here) graced the cover of Simply Family Magazine but she really is one to take note of.  She is amazing!  A beautiful, smiling little baby girl that has warmed everyones hearts.  Congratulations, she is wonderful!!!

3 responses to “Welcome little Miss. K.”

  1. Sue Larsen says:

    Jana, I was just looking online for these pictures yesterday!!! Thanks for posting them. I think the one with the hat where she is on her tummy is the best newborn picture I’ve ever seen!! Thanks for the memories, K’s Auntie Sue

  2. Pat Clark says:

    Jana – this family means a great deal to me and you have done a beautiful job creating memories. Thank you.

  3. Bob Winkler says:

    Great Pix! Wow…. very photogenic, Congrats! :)

    Bob and Shila Winkler

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