Carly + Brian

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Want to see some pics from their amazing wedding in gorgeous Red Lodge?  Here you go my friends –

I have had the most lovey dovey couples this summer!  I mean really oozing love and passion, completely enamored brides and grooms that like to laugh and have a good time!  It has been so much fun to photograph the big day for them.  Brian and Carly were so obviously smitten, good vibes were contagious that day, everyone that participated had a blast.

Mom passed down a handkerchief that grandma gave her on her wedding day, but oh it didn’t stop there, the tears flowed when Carly received her gift from Brian- years worth of all of their love notes to each other since the beginning of their relationship, the sweetest most romantic wedding day gift I have ever seen.

This was such a touching ceremony started off by a beautiful song and Carly’s future sister in law’s amazing voice.

I may have heard the most emotional, wonderful toasts ever at this wedding.  And do they know how to party?  I have never seen such excitement and love over the song “sweet Caroline”, the gorgeous bride took in every moment. Wow – when you have grandma and great grandma busting a move on the packed dance floor and shoes left on the table, you know it’s a good night!  Congrats!!!! Thanks for having me at your party!!!

4 responses to “Carly + Brian”

  1. Gayle West says:

    Jana, you are the best!! Thank you so much!!
    It was a WONDERFUL evening that we will never forget.
    We love our growing family!!

  2. Sandy Bunch says:

    These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! “They say it all”, especially for the person who didn’t make it to the wedding. I was sorry that Jim & I couldn’t attend in the first place but now, after seeing these pictures, I can see what we missed. I’m so THANKFUL for the opportunity to see, through your photographs, the love that is so obvious between Carly & Brian. Through them, I FEEL AS IF I HAD BEEN THERE! Thanks so much for sharing this special day, through your pictures!

  3. Joy Lubeck says:

    You captured the day so beautifully, Jana.
    Thank you.

  4. Amy Gilbert says:

    Amazing! I knew you nailed it Jana!

    Aunt Amy

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