Fun on the Farm

Monday, September 17, 2012

This vivacious family wanted their session to take place on the farm since that such a huge a part of their life.  They are super involved in 4H, in fact we took pics of Holden with just a few of his numerous champion ribbons and belt buckles, I got a kick out of showing my kids his pig at the fair this year!  This is such a fun family, they kept me laughing the whole time, mom is a riot!  Thanks guys for a great afternoon!

2 responses to “Fun on the Farm”

  1. Diana says:

    Beautiful family! The kids are way adorable.

  2. Rosanne says:

    Thanks for taking our pictures! It was such a great experience! You captured my childrens’ beauty so deliciously. This was our first professional family photo shoot & I’m so glad we chose you to capture the magic. I will treasure these pictures forever.
    P.S. I have referred everybody I know to you! :-)

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