I know you’ve been waiting – here it is –

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the session that I mentioned earlier in the fall that included ma and pa dressed up in their Norwegian folk dancing costumes on the bed of a 1920’s pick up truck.  This pic is classic – I love it- one of my favorites of the year, I really do have the best job ever.  This was part of an extended family shoot that included many things, this family owned a lumber yard downtown that recently moved to the west end, they wanted to document the sign that hung for years and years for Billings to see.  The daughter and son plus daughter in law were in town at the same time, a feat in itself, and they wanted to get a great pic with all of their dogs, their babies are getting up in years and they wanted an image of all of them together.  I randomly mentioned that it would be great to have the old truck in the middle of the field over there and they jumped in the equipment and moved it for me.  If only every shoot worked like that – let’s just move old trucks all around the property, no problem.  Thanks for a great morning!

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