the proposal!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This was fantastic!  Amanda is my wonderful, kind, sweet, uber hot studio manager.  I was thrilled when Eli called me about a surprise proposal, he wanted to propose on their 5 years of dating anniversary, and wanted me to capture it since she is obsessed with pics.  We decided to do it under the guise of a love shoot on their special day so that she would at least have great makeup on and be feeling gorgeous for the moment.  The day was rainy and cold, as we sat in the parking lot waiting for the rain to pass I could tell she was confused, Eli got out of the car to check how wet it really was and we chatted.  She asked me why we were forcing it today, it was just a love shoot, who cares if its on that day exactly, she knew I usually would have rescheduled in these conditions to avoid flat wet hair and rain spots all over clothes.  I told her to just go with it, Eli had wanted to do something that he knew she would like on their anniversary and this was part of this plan along with a romantic dinner after the shoot.  Who cares if she got sopping wet, it would make it even more memorable, and not dash his dreams of doing something nice and thoughtful for his woman.  They didn’t have to have wallpaper made out of this shoot, chalk it up to a fun experience – go work it.  It started as a cute love session, we had fun, got a little wet but made the most of it, then the drizzling stopped and Eli proposed.  The shocked look on her face was priceless, she had no idea, she thought that he was going to propose the night before and then they would celebrate on their anniversary so she had been a little irked all day that it hadn’t happened.  When she saw him down on one knee she flipped, then she took a second to check out the ring and was even more ecstatic, it was gorgeous!!! It was the most amazing moment, they was so much pure emotion!  She had the BIGGEST genuine smile I have ever seen.  Eli was just as happy, he looked lovingly at his bride to be the entire time.  I’ll admit it – I was totally teary!  After some more fun shots it was really sweet to see them call her parents and relay the exciting news.  What an incredible afternoon.  I felt so honored to be a bystander in the intimate proposal of my good friends.  Love you guys!  Can’t wait for the wedding!!  Look below to see how it all unfolded!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Amazing – and what a gorgeous couple!

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