Yahoo its a New Year Sale!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years!!! I feel so incredibly blessed to have such fantastic clients/friends that made 2012 such an amazing year at the studio.  Thank you, thank you!  I think a New Years special is in order – what do you think?  As a yippee its a new year celebration – we will be offering 50% off any session fee + 15% off any print order booked in January and shot by Feb 28th.  Call Amanda at 671.4371  to take advantage of this awesome special!!

On to this great fam – Love them too – its basically a love fest around here.  I have worked with them many times as well, in fact you may have seen them in the studio, one of their family sessions is the album studio sample.  If you haven’t seen us yet – come visit! :)  They are awesome – I love working with energetic kids, they always are fun and give me a million expressions to work with, they aren’t afraid to be themselves and have a good time.  Throw in butterfly wings a loved batman cape from Mexico, a hot mom and dad – love it!!







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