Love is in the air – Outtakes from Gainan’s Commercial shoot

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I’m sure you have seen this billboard all over town.  I do quite a bit of commercial work but never blog it for fear of taking the element of surprise out of someones marketing campaign, I don’t usually know exactly how the images will be used unless we are shooting specifically for billboards.  I love working with Gainan’s, they are a fantastic company!  It has been an honor to be partnered with them.  I hadn’t had the chance to work with Mick before so I was excited when they told me we would be photographing him, we did everything and finished the commercial shoot at the Garden Center then decided to go out front and take some personal pics of him and his gorgeous bride, it had been forever since they had a picture together.  Watching them together was magic.  They completely adore each other, it is obvious when Mick is around her he just beams and smiles from ear to ear, he is genuinely happy, I don’t think there are words to describe the way he looks at her, he is enamored and it is impossible not to feel that when you are with them.  I asked Mick if I could post these personal pics and I was thrilled when he said yes.  I think it is fabulous for people to see couples so in love after ages together, they are an inspiration!


Remember minis are at the Garden Center in the Heights May 4th!!!  Call now to book your appointment 671.4371  Fantastic deal and an amazing location, they are going to be gorgeous!






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