Spring Minis 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

I love spring minis, this year was especially wonderful,  it was the first time I wasn’t panicking when I woke up to gray, sprinkling skies.  We held minis at Gainan’s Garden Center in the Heights, it was fabulous.  The gorgeous hanging baskets filled the ceiling of the greenhouse and the blooming glowers were intoxicating.  It was warm and cozy and you couldn’t help but smile as soon as you walked through the doors, your mood immediately lifted when you saw all of the beautiful flowers and friendly people.   It definitely put everyone in the gardening mood.  The kids were awesome, and everyone happy.  The combo made for a perfect spring day!  Thanks to everyone!  Now that things are finally greening up and starting to bloom outside  I can’t wait to get our outdoor sessions started!!!  It’s a great spring/summer in the making!!







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